Advanced GMAT Course


The Advanced Course is there for course participants who want that little extra for their GMAT preparation (a score of 600+). In this course, the difficult quantitative GMAT questions will be discussed and you will learn more tips & tricks to get the maximum out of your GMAT score. We will customize this course based on the focus points of the students.

The course consists of two evenings of 2.5 hours and offers just that little extra push in answering difficult questions correctly. This course is for students that followed a Quantitative course with us, or can prove that they have studied all mathematical topics of the GMAT before.

Check the schedule for all courses here.

You need a licence to our online platform for our face to face courses. If you have already followed a course with us, or are booking this course complementary to one of the other courses, please select ‘I need a licence’ for only one of them.

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Quarantine update

As most of us are home grounded the next weeks, we found a way to make our GMAT courses available to everyone. During a video call, our instructor will open a digital whiteboard, or point the camera on a whiteboard and explain the theoretics and exercises to you.
All courses in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Maastricht are cancelled until further notice.
Sign up for the digital version here.

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